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A live immersive experience, the visuals of the motion picture evoke the essence of the original symphonic soundtrack, gently encouraging the audience to draw on personal reactions and give their own meaning to the film. 

The Symphonic Film™, a new concept coined by founder Tim Kampen, follows the story of an animated matchstick who plays the main character. 

The match stick is born of the sun, which ignites the first movement. He faces a catalyst, which propels him west into the second movement. Facing trials, the match stick struggles to keep his flame going until finally retreating into the third movement, heavy with grief and grasping for something more. Sinking farther into the third movement, drifting from solid ground he hears “¡Despierta! ¿Qué estás persiguiendo? (Wake up! What are you chasing?)”. 

As you journey alongside Blaze, challenge yourself to live through him and not just observe. Rather than analyze, feel the experience. Let your own passion REígnite through this soundtrack.


A message from the founder,

One of my passions is to bring strangers together & reveal their reasons to connect. The question is, what does it mean to be social? Where do we find those connections? Perhaps we are too distracted and too easily excused from the real interactions and authentic community that is right in front of us. 

I often see myself and others merely drifting through this gift of life… a chance to do what we dream to do. But we limit ourselves when tackling our never ending to-do lists alone. I would invite you to find someone at this event whose purpose can support yours– or vice versa. If you’re not sure what your passion is, a conversation with a stranger here may spark new inspiration. Most importantly– Despierta! Wake up! Reality holds so much opportunity if you let the person next to you be intertwined with what you ought to be pursuing. Find your purpose, feed it with passion, and let your uniqueness shape it.

Every performance, we aim to have the Spirit REígnite creativity and fuel personal drive through the language of music. This Symphonic Film is intended to REinspire your energy, spirit & self towards a greater purpose - to live for and with others. 

If you feel compelled, we are looking for people with vast resources and talents to tangibly help us grow this vision.

Shot On


The show itself has had to REígnite itself many times. First, the debut with a full symphonic orchestra was canceled due to a 2019 ice storm. Two full tours were planned the following year, yet the flame was blown out yet again when the performing arts were shut down in 2020. With all sources of funding for a cinematographer lost, Tim Kampen bootstrapped the project to get his vision accomplished. Using an iPhone, he shot and captured footage in NYC, The Missouri Rhineland, and Oregon, only using B-roll to fill the gaps that were otherwise impossible to span. As the audience tries to imagine themselves living through the main character by yielding to the immersive performance, Tim someday hopes to intensify the experience by using VR and touring with a full orchestra.

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